Kylotonn’s Upcoming WRC 9 Will Be Cross-Generation

Things are a little different this time round, in what was today’s official announcement that developers Kylotonn Racing are back once more with their latest rendition of the official World Rally Championship license, or WRC for short. WRC 9 — which is planned for release on September 20 — will of course see a release across PS4, Xbox One & PC via the Epic Games Store (with a Nintendo Switch version to follow thereafter). But for the first time since Kylotonn took over development of the series, WRC 9 will also see a release on both upcoming next-generation consoles.

The nature of additional features and elements pertaining to the game’s next-gen iterations are, understandably, under wraps for the time being. The game’s publisher Nacon (formerly Bigben Interactive) stating that the more information as to the release of the PS5/Xbox Series X iterations will also follow their current-gen versions. What’s more, to top off today’s news, Nacon also confirm that Kylotonn will continue to work on future annual releases up until 2022. Kylotonn promise WRC 9 will once more improve on the formula they’ve established for the series — aiming to best even last year’s outing which, in our own opinion, was easily the studio’s best work yet and arguably one of the best releases the WRC license has received yet.