Nintendo Explains How to Claim Pocket Camp Items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Those who are still busily enjoying Pocket Camp likely noticed the latest update gave access to a lot of items from New Horizons. Now the opposite is soon coming into affect. In order to claim these items in New Horizons there are a few things players will need to do, and prior to launch it may be good to make sure everything is set up. The first task is making sure Pocket Camp is downloaded and attached to a user’s My Nintendo account. The next step is heading over to the My Nintendo site and clicking on Pocket Camp rewards. Although it’s not active everywhere at this time, there will be a claimable item that doesn’t cost any coins that can be redeemed. It will give the user a code they can then enter in the Nintendo eShop on Switch after which players can jump back into Animal Crossing: New Horizons and claim it at Nook Miles shopping.

For those who skipped Pocket Camp now is the best time to set this up real quick for the exclusive items while waiting for the game to be available in all regions. It’s unknown when it will be available everywhere, but be sure to keep an eye out. The three items players will get for this are a camp board, van statue and special clothing. So be sure to check it out if any of these are of interest!