Humble Bundle’s Humble Brag Adds Five to the Mix Including One Step From Eden

The Humble Brag series from Humble Bundle is going to get a lot stronger as their spring lineup has been revealed. March 26 sees the release of One Step From Eden on both PC and Nintendo Switch. This Mega Man Battle Network-inspired game combines fast real-time action with deck-building and adds in some rogue-like elements to raise the stakes. At an undetermined point in spring, we’ll also get to play another game on PC and Switch – Fae Tactics. This isometric tactical RPG features a young magic user named Peony as she and her band of friends fight a battle between magic users and mankind in a surprisingly bright tactical RPG that looks like a must-buy for any Final Fantasy Tactics fans.

Spring looks impressive, but the rest of 2020 will bring with it five new Humble Brag games. Wildfire features stealth gameplay and a mixture of elemental manipulation to save your homeland and rescue villagers. Ambition: A Minuet in Power is a visual novel with a rogue-lite design – something you don’t usually see for the genre. It’s also set in 18th century Paris, which is another new setting for a genre that has been so dominated by anime-inspired games over the past few years. Prodeus is a first-person shooter that blends a bit of the old with the new, and aims to offer a modern-feeling game with a retro look. Ring of Pain offers up some card gaming mixed with chaos and a dungeon crawler. Finally, The Iron Oath is a grim turn-based tactical RPG in a dark fantasy world.