Avalanche Studios Seperates Into Three Divisions, Teases Next Game

Avalanche Studios has primarily been known for their work on the Just Cause franchise, but the Swedish studio has worked on numerous other titles in their seventeen year history, with Rage 2 and Generation Zero both releasing last year from their three teams of developers.

As the developer looks towards the future, Avalanche Studios will now be rebranded as Avalanche Studios Group, as each team will receive their own title as part of this new collective. While the core Avalanche Studios will continue to work on AAA experiences including Just Cause and Rage in Sweden, the team in New York responsible for theHunter: Call of the Wild will now be known as Expansive Worlds, and their secondary Swedish team that worked on Generation Zero will move forward as Systemic Reaction. Although Avalanche Studios Groups didn’t announce any specific future projects from any of their new teams, they did tease the next game from Systemic Reaction, which can be seen below.

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