Bravely Default II Demo Releases Today

Nintendo today announced the availability of a demo for Bravely Default II.

Those looking to try out Bravely Default II can thanks to a demo coming later today. This follow-up to the original game follows four new Heroes of Light as they embark on their own quest. Today’s demo provides a small slice of what players can expect.

Similar to the original title, the game’s built around Brave system. Here, players much decide whether to attack (Brave), or bide their time (Default). Building up Brave Points allows players to unleash multiple attacks at a time. Deciding when to hold back and when to unleash your power is part of what makes the game so strategic.

The game also introduces Asterisk Holders. These powerful enemies hold stones that allow them to use different Jobs, such as Thief or Black Mage. Defeating them allows you to acquire their Asterisks and gain the job associated with it.

Bravely Default II is out sometime in 2020 on Switch. Be sure to check out the eShop today to download the demo.