Limited Run Games Offers Physical Arc of Alchemist for Switch

In collaboration with Limited Run Games, Idea Factory brings Arc of Alchemist into the physical realm. Currently up on the Limited Run site, the title won’t be available for pre-order until March 31. There are also plans for a PlayStation 4 physical release to be made available on IFI’s online store. To sweeten the deal, eight free add-on DLC will be available for both consoles.

The eight DLCs include:

  • Super Powerful NG+ Package that features three new weapons and weapons skins, along with two new costumes for each of the ten characters.
  • Special Weapon: Beam Katana
  • Special Weapon: Superior Spear
  • Special Weapon: Historie
  • Special Weapon: Natural White
  • Special Weapon: Beam Dagger
  • Special Weapon: Shiitake
  • Special Weapon: Dogoo Plushie

This new release also features updated system features, the ability to choose and play between seven playable characters and updated UI. Limited Run has specified on their site that pre-orders will close on April 24, with a small number of copies potentially made available beyond the pre-order date. Head on over to Limited Run for more details.