Ninjala Will be Free-to-Play in May on the Switch

Prove to be the ultimate ninja in Ninjala. This new title may look a lot like Splatoon but instead of ink and water guns you have Ninja Gum and plenty of other skills. There is a lot of attitude in Ninjala and a new trailer was released with more details.

Ninjala sees players in 4 v 4 action or an 8 player battle royale as you attempt to have the highest amount of points. There are lots of customization options with gear and weaponry from funky hats to hard-hitting hammers. With the aforementioned gum you can move at high speeds across stages or use a disguise to hide from enemies.

The game will launch on May 27 and is free-to-play on the Switch. It is unknown if paid content is available and with the website currently being worked on we will have to wait and see. Then, the developer website lists it also coming to PC, so that’s something others can look forward to. But check out the video below to learn more about Ninjala!