S.O.N. is About to Become Much More Spooky

It might not be a spooky time of year right now, but that’s not stopping Red G studios from teasing a major overhaul to S.O.N., a horror title the developer released on the PS4 in March 2019. Once this update releases, fans will be treated to an expanded story with new characters to familiarize themselves with, new locations to explore and new mechanics such as crawling and a blacklight to enjoy as part of an overhauled gampeplay experience. Some of these can actually be seen in action in S.O.N.’s newest teaser; check it out below. By the way, make sure to pay close attention to the red letters; there’s a secret message hidden within them.

S.O.N. follows one Robert Alderson, a down-on-his-luck father who’s on a mission to find and recover his missing son Jay. His search takes him to Clarencaster Forest in southern Pennsylvania, a place known for both danger and mysterious disappearances. Strange things are already afoot here, and it seems they’re about to get even stranger.

S.O.N. is available now on PlayStation 4. The version 1.01 update has no release date yet, but will be delivered free of charge to all owners of the base game.