Treachery in Beatdown City Hits Switch

The Switch has been a haven for beat-em-ups since its launch, and now a new challenger joins the fray from Nuchallenger. Treachery in Beatdown City uses an 8-bit pixel art style to help it stand out. There aren’t many 8-bit style brawlers, even with the genre being a big deal in its heyday. You had the TMNT games, Mighty Final Fight, and Batman Returns alongside Double Dragon, but the 16-bit era is where the genre truly shined. Now, you can enjoy a throwback-style game with a more in-depth fighting system. Most brawlers are pretty simplistic, but this one has a lot of attack options and combos for both strikes and grappling allowing you to daisy-chain things. If you’re looking for a new brawler to play on the go, check out Beatdown City on the eShop.