In Other Waters Takes the Plunge into Nintendo Switch

In Other Waters, a sci-fi mystery game that casts players as a stranded diver’s onboard suit AI, hit the Nintendo Switch this week. In a situation not too dissimilar from 2019’s Observation, players must use their AI status to help their human companion navigate a dangerous situation and get to the heart of exactly what’s going on. Unlike in Observation though, the player has a much more limited  perspective and a much larger space to explore.

The lone human in this tale is a xenobiologist who’s become stranded in the middle of an alien ocean. As their dive suit AI, the player must chart courses, plan dives, assist with cataloging the alien wild life and map the ocean. This is all done in the context of text, schematics and various technical readouts too, so players won’t be able to “see” everything that their human counterpart, Ellery, can. Such a design choice could indeed make for a daunting game, but it really lends itself well to the story once players get used to it.

In Other Waters is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch.