Resident Evil 3 Remake Boss Guide: How to Beat Nemesis

Are you having trouble with that huge tyrannical Nemesis in the remake of Resident Evil 3? It wouldn’t be surprising. In the original game, players are offered the chance to run from him or to take him on in hopes of nabbing a ton of ammo. This isn’t the case in the remake. The new version is more scripted beyond the first encounter. There are a total of seven encounters in Resident Evil 3 and unloading ammo will surely leave Jill dead. We have a comprehensive strategy for each approach as playing things smart will be the only way you survive. For more assistance with Resident Evil 3, be sure to check out our Charlie Doll location guide here and safe & locker guide here.


Encounter 1

The introduction of the game has Nemesis chasing you immediately, but this isn’t where the first intended boss battle takes place. Nemesis will make his first appearance after supplying power back to the subway station. Once you leave the facility, Nemesis will come busting out of a brick wall as soon as you close the fence. This isn’t a cutscene, so don’t stop Nemesis offers a few seconds of animation before beginning chase. You have a real-time choice akin to the original game. You can bail or you can aim to take him down. The pistol is useless, so something like a shotgun will get him down to a knee. A grenade will instantly drop him. More importantly, much like the original game, Nemesis will drop either weapons upgrades or ammo randomly. The key is to aim for his heart or his head, those are the weak points. Lastly, if you plan on running, you are able to pause the game and bring up a map if needed as you will need to guide Jill back to the subway station to re-align the tunnel grid. This will be your destination.

If you hesitate after Nemesis explodes on the scene, make sure to use your dodge button otherwise Nemesis will knock you senseless. Once you turn the first corner when Nemesis pops out, there will be a transformer to the right. Run past the transformer, perform the 180° turn and shoot the transformer once Nemesis is close. This will zap him and slow him down for about five seconds. If you’re are standing in the puddle, you will get zapped too so be aware. Also, if you left any zombies up ahead, make sure to dodge them. There’s no need to return to the area so do not waste any ammo. Cut back through the service garage as Nemesis will not come in here. Re-up on any health or ammo in the save room.

When leaving the service station, don’t cut through the cafe. Instead, take the back way up the ladder. There are zombies on the roof if they were not cleared previously. Luckily, there’s a red barrel you can shoot to take them all out. Stick to the back way and avoid the cafe area. The safe room where there was once a zombie on the ground is now awake, so just stay to the left inside the room. Leave the area and go down the stairs and you will be in front of the subway control building. There are two zombies in here if the area wasn’t cleared perfectly and you can also find a shotgun in the side room if you still haven’t picked it up. Complete the puzzle in the control room and start to head towards the actual subway.

Upon return to the cafe area, Nemesis will begin chase. If you return the way you came, you can basically avoid Nemesis. If you cut through the cafe, Nemesis will be waiting for you in front. If you choose this route, there’s a transformer on the left that you can shoot to zap him. Again, do not try to fight him but just run past him. Run towards the gate and Nemesis will drop down by the tree. Make sure to dodge his attack. Run through the fence and either dodge or shotgun any zombies that are directly in your way. Once you return to the subway entrance, a cutscene will hit and you’ll be safe from Nemesis.

Encounter Two

As soon as Jill rendezvous with Carlos and the U.S.B.C. show up, there’s another running corridor sequence that will begin and as soon as it starts, there’s first aid on the shelf in front of you. Quickly grab and get moving as Nemesis is literally right behind you. There’s a transformer towards the end of the corridor, so make sure to zap Nemesis to give you some more time. You will arrive in a room that has a sewer grate that needs to be removed. This is triggered by three quick time events. Nemesis will catch up to you. This grate is on the back wall and yellow. Upon arrival, start the first sequence. Afterwards, attempt to lure Nemesis to the right hand side as there are explosive barrels. Grab the handgun ammo if possible as it’s on a box in the center but only approachable from the opposite side of the sewer grate. Depending on difficulty level, Nemesis will wake up quicker. Entering the grate will put you in the sewer so once you land, run to the door and this will trigger a cutscene that ends the encounter.

Encounter Three

This encounter is the first true boss fight and you cannot avoid him. This is triggered when Nemesis blows up the subway train and Jill and Carlos are on foot. Once Jill is inside the bottom of the building, there’s a save room with ammo inside. Ascend the stairs and keep moving. One section will have zombies and there’s one particular zombie in the way. Either dodge or shotgun the zombie and avoid the rest. There’s also another save area at the top. You will reach the rooftop and Nemesis is armed with a flamethrower. There are two stacks of pallets on each side of the area that can be used as cover from the flames. Do not shoot Nemesis as it’s initially useless. Instead, use the handgun to shoot his gas tank on his back. On the opposite side is a transformer that can be used to stop Nemesis in his tracks. Note that it takes about a minute for the transformer to recharge. Make sure to constantly run.

There are herbs on the wall next to the transformer and shotgun ammo on the wall behind where you start the battle. There’s also a green herb directly in front of you so make sure you grab this first. There’s also a suitcase next to the herbs on the wall that has explosive ammo for the launcher. Nemesis is also armed with a mortar launch that covers the entire area, so make sure to keep your distance and keep moving. Once you blow up the tank, Nemesis will become angry and start charging you. Don’t forget the transformer as it should be charged by now. Take Nemesis down with explosive rounds as it will take all of them in the suitcase. Save flame rounds for later if you have them. He will eventually fall to his knees and the fight is over.

Encounter Four

This is the last of the corridor running. Once you are done in the apartment after the gun shop, Nemesis will now drop down with a rocket launcher. He has a laser that you need to avoid, so dodge if you need to. It usually takes about three seconds to launch the rocket. There may be some zombies along the way but do your best to avoid or shotgun them if they are directly in the way. A cutscene will trigger as Jill talks to Carlos. Once it stops keep running and Nemesis will plop down on a cop car. The laser locks in but do not stop running. Hit the dodge button if you need to. Another cutscene hits and once it’s done, run up the stairs. You’ll again need to head back towards the subway. This time, Nemesis launches a rocket at the giant head above the store in front of the cafe. The head will roll like a boulder. Run down the stairs and to the right alley in front of the cafe where the stairs are located. Let it finish rolling and run up the stairs in front of the cafe. You will hear Nemesis drop down behind you and he will aim the rocket launcher at you. Run back towards the gateway where the subway is and catch up with Carlos. This will trigger the end of the encounter.

Encounter Five

This is the toughest fight to figure out involving Nemesis. Upon finishing Carlos’ run through the police station, Jill relays the events of what happened in the subway to Carlos. Nemesis is spotted on fire falling into the river. Nemesis then mutates and attacks you. There’s an initial corridor run, but it doesn’t last long. You are dropped in front of the clock tower with a mutated Nemesis. The area is surrounded by cars with a fountain in the middle. Make sure to keep running around the fountain to keep distance from Nemesis. He will leap at you, so if he gets close, dodge out of the way. Hit Nemesis with preferably a flame round or an explosive round. Switch back to a handgun or shotgun and start nailing his head while he’s staggered. After about five grenade blocks, Nemesis will change it up and begin to run around the outer wall.

Once he begins running, it’s time to gear up with what is in the area. There are flame rounds along with pistol ammo and a red herb in a crate on the south end of the area. There will be mine rounds in two separate cars on the west end. On the north side are pistol and shotgun ammo along with a breakable crate with more ammo. Trace Nemesis’ trajectory around the outer wall and launch a mine round at a location you know he will run over. If you do not do this and you happen to be out of mine rounds, Nemesis will get to a point and stop. If he hits a mine round, he will fall mercifully to the ground. If he stops and you do not hit him within five seconds, he will leap towards you. You will need to time your dodge perfect if it gets to this point.

If he lays exposed after taking a hit running around the wall, a small separate head will be exposed. Use either the shotgun or pistol on this. He will wake up and begin chase again. Switch to flame or explosive and after two hits, he will run towards the outer wall again. Make sure to not fire your flame or explosive rounds back to back as they will not register. Depending on difficulty, repeat these later steps about three to five times and the fight will be over.

Encounter Six

This battle is quite possibly the most frustrating. This fight is similar to the previous fight but there are a few different variables. After finishing in the lab, there are flame rounds to the left of the door to the area. There’s also handgun ammo, first aid and shotgun ammo spread out throughout the exterior of the area. Make sure to grab as soon as possible and to keep running. Nemesis begins with the same type of attacks as the previous fight, but if you let him go for too long without shooting, he releases a tentacle that sweeps the area. Attempt to dodge these. Hit Nemesis with a flame round and he will begin to swagger. Switch back to either the handgun, shotgun or magnum and hit him in the head. Conserve your grenade rounds.

After doing this three times, a cutscene will hit with Carlos as he will guide you on where Nemesis stops on his outer wall run. There are eight different transformers and each transformer has either one or two orange buttons on the front. What makes this more difficult is that zombies will begin to get involved too. They move slow so just make a mental note of the general area they crawl up from. Once Carlos tells you where he stops and you shoot the buttons with pistol ammo (preferably), Nemesis will shock and fall to the ground. The little head will make its appearance so hit it with either shotgun, handgun or magnum. Once he’s awake, he will begin chase again. Try to put the zombies between you and him as he will take out the zombies if they’re in the way. Do not use the pistol on the zombies as it will take too long and do nothing. Arm the shotgun if they are close just to clear them out. The handgun is good for hitting the tiny Nemesis head since it holds a lot of ammo and it’s fast. The shotgun only holds four bullets and takes longer to reload, so alternating between the two is a good idea. This time depending on difficulty, it can range from four to eight times to finally take him down.

Encounter Seven

The final battle is more of a puzzle fight and the ground work is simple, but it’s judging Nemesis’ attack that holds you up. Nemesis is massive as this point and pours into the lab area. Do not shoot him at the beginning. The fight will start and you have two options. On the far right and far left, there’s ammo, first aid and grenades (which seemed to have no use). You can grab these as Nemesis is extremely slow. This can be inviting but deadly if not careful. One hit from his arm will put you in Danger. You can get these items first or do the important thing. Do a 180° turn and there’s a box with a laser gun. Activate this and it will allow you to shoot Nemesis. You can literally aim anywhere you want to. Once this is used, there are three power capsules that get stuck (one on the left and two on the right).

Nemesis has a few attacks here and you will need to judge the speed of each so you can dodge. He will either come on arm at a time from the left or the right and the swing covers 3/4 of the area. He also has a misleading overhead punch that’s much quicker than the others. The last attack is a double pump handle that includes a pattern. For the pump handle, make sure to run forward as he blocks you in from side to side. The overhead punch will need to be perfectly timed. He also will unleash acid sporadically into the area.

The way to take Nemesis down is simple in execution, but difficult to master. Nemesis will unveil pink blobs on his body. Use the handgun to shoot these blobs as each one goes down after about three shots. Parts of his body will block them as he’s constantly moving. Any other form of weapon is either too slow or there isn’t enough ammo, so the handgun is perfect. Do not waste any grenades. Once the blobs are down, Nemesis will tumble. As soon as you shoot the last blob, choose one of the power capsules and run up to it. Hold down X and it will slowly push in. By the time it is back in, Nemesis will be reawakened.

If you attempt to push one of these in, Nemesis will snatch you and kill you instantly. It gets rather aggravating to revisit that same cutscene that takes place before the fight. After you get the first one pushed in, run back out and try to hit the first blob that is on the side you’re on. The toughest ones to hit are in the middle as you will be having to account for his attacks while aiming. It takes three times to do this but there are more blobs to hit each time. After the final time, run back to the laser as it will open up. Hit Nemesis with the laser to witness his gruesome death.

As you can see with these encounters, the focus is on strategy and not unloading ammo. The game isn’t going to tell you that you’re doing it wrong outside of dying. If you happen to bring Nemesis down, you’re going to eat through a lot of ammo. There’s a trophy/achievement for doing it, but this can be achieved by blowing him up with the barrel in the earlier encounter. Once you figure out the strategy for defeating Nemesis each time, this will help with speed runs.