Resident Evil 3 Remake Guide: Charlie Doll Locations

The Resident Evil 3 remake brings back all the components that make it part of the legendary franchise — combat, item management, thrills and more. In addition to collecting resources for crafting and weapon parts for upgrades, Capcom has added more collectibles to completionists’ lists. Where we saw Mr. Raccoon Toys in the Resident Evil 2 remake, this title features the curious-looking Charlie Dolls.

In addition to switching up the type of collectibles featured in the impressive Resident Evil 3, this time around we also see an increase in amount as well. There are 20 Charlie Doll locations found throughout the game that can be accessed by all playable characters. There are no special requirements for locating the dolls, except for having a keen eye. Even if you’re not a collector, you may want to consider going after the dolls as they reward you with 1000 shop points for unlocking outfits, weapons and more for permanent use in the game.

Those bobbles aren’t joking around though, so we’ve checked every nook and cranny so you don’t have to. We’ll provide details as to where they are while doing the best to stay spoiler free. There are some locations that require story context as to where they are, so please consider that as you look through the guide.

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Redstone Street Station

The first Mr. Charlie can be found at the very beginning. After Carlos saves Jill from Nemesis and leads her through the subway, you’re supposed to follow him down towards U.B.C.S. base of operations. As soon as you’re able to take control of Jill after the cutscene, turn around and go up the stairs out of the subway. Take a left and between some newspaper boxes next to a school bus, you can find your first doll.

Warehouse Above Moon’s Donuts

This area (including the donut shop) can only be accessed after initiating the event that causes zombies to tear down the chain-link fence. When going down the stairs towards the donut shop, bear right up the fire escape and stay left. You’ll find yourself in a small warehouse office containing a safe. If you stay to the left, there’s a Charlie sitting on a shelf higher up.

Moon’s Donuts

Take yourself up to the counter inside Moon’s Donuts and order up a bobble. The Charlie is sitting all the way to the right behind the counter, next to a microwave.

Kite Brothers Railway-Subway Company Office

This Charlie quickly stands out. He’s hanging out under the desk with a box of donuts sitting on top. The Subway Company Office is a small space, so you can see the bobble immediately.

Substation Control Room

If you face out the window of the Control Room, the Charlie sits in the back left corner of the room on top of a storage cabinet. Depending on where you stand, you may need to position yourself better as this bobble is hiding behind a cardboard box.

Toy Store

Once you obtain the lock pick from the Substation, the Toy Store becomes available to enter. Hanging out on a Mega Man display in the store, you can find a very conspicuous doll.


There’s a lot of trash down in the sewer, but if you look carefully you can also find some treasure. In front of the door leading to the sewer laboratory, there’s a barred dead end that leads to an inaccessible area. Facing the barred off passage, a doll is nestled behind the garbage looking down to the right. You’ll have to shoot through the bars to get it.

Sewers-Passage to the Surface

Once the battery for the electronic locks is obtained, you’re able to access passage to the surface. Take a moment to turn around and look above the door you just came through — there’s a Charlie hanging out on top of the light above the door.

House in the Alley by Kendo’s Gun Shop

As soon as you enter this house, there’s a patriotic Charlie sitting on a table in front of an American flag.


At this point, you’ve switched to playing as Carlos. Before going into the police station, go back out to the starting point and take the stairs going down. Continue this path and you’ll find yourself in a secluded courtyard on the side of the station. Sitting on a small brick wall is your doll.

RCPD-Safety Deposit Room

Once inside the electronic locker room, walk to the back of the storage. A bobble sits on a shelf in the back part of the room.

Dilapidated Shelter

Passing through this area, on the right side is a doll sitting under a bench in these living spaces. This is right after the save room found there.

Clock Tower Plaza

Heading towards the bridge that takes Jill across to the clock tower, there’s an armored car on the southwestern part of the map. Behind the car is a Charlie on the ground.

Hospital-Reception Area

Just a little after the reception area, there’s a doll on a gurney in the hall.


When stepping out onto the roof, there’s a Charlie immediately to the right of the door you come through.

Hospital-Sick Room

In the Sick Room attached to the Nurse’s Station, someone threw poor Charles inside of the trashcan that is immediately to the right of the entrance. You should be able to hear the clicking of his bobble head.

Hospital-Underground Storage

Once you’re able to unlock the entrance to the underground, you come upon a large warehouse. Heading towards the elevator in there, there’s a forklift on the left side of the room. On the hood of the forklift, partially obscured, is a Charlie.


When searching for fuses to power the elevator, this is a bobble on a shelf. This shelf is in the middle lane of the warehouse and can be accessed by squeezing through a gap in the shelving. It’s dark, so this is where the bobble’s rocking noise is especially helpful.

NEST2-Vaccine Chamber

In the chamber where you need to mix components to create the vaccine, there’s a balcony towards the northeast. Step onto the balcony platform and immediately in the left corner is a doll.

NEST2-Lab 1

The last doll can be found just outside of Lab 1 where you find the culture sample for the vaccine. There’s another door in addition to the entrance that leads to a dead-end pocket. There are some crates stacked to the left. Sitting at the base of this stack of crates is your last Mr. Charlie.

The journey was meticulous, but we’ve got all the Charlies here in one place for you. Capcom tried to be super sneaky this time around by putting the majority of dolls in some very subtle places. Don’t feel bad if you can’t get them on your own — those little guys are hard to find. Grabbing all the Mr. Charlie Dolls earns you unlock points, challenge completion and concept art.