Ring Fit Adventure Update Comes at the Right Time

The release of Ring Fit Adventure back in October had great timing. During months filled with Halloween candy, turkey dinners and grandma’s famous lasagna, having a chance to work those pounds off at home was convenient. Plus, it would make for a great gift for holidays and allow others to get into shape for a their 2020 resolutions. Players were able to get themselves moving or tone a few muscles just by working out in their homes when weather or other circumstances prevented them from venturing out.

With warmer weather and sunny days upon us, we all want to get back to exercising in a more natural setting. It makes sense for people to want to feel the wind in their face as they run along paths. The reality of the current state of the world, however, makes that a difficult if not impossible proposition with social distancing. Rapid-spread of COVID-19 is challenging our exercising instincts in unprecedented ways. Luckily, those who own Ring Fit Adventure can experience a few new workouts while indoors. Two new modes have been added to the game to help break-up the monotony of what we’re already experiencing and it comes with perfect timing.

Speaking of perfect timing, the first new feature is a rhythm game where you use all the skills learned throughout the adventure and quick workouts. If you are familiar with the rhythm genre you will understand it’s the same concept where one must match the motions on-screen. For Ring Fit, you will have to pull or push the ring and even do some squats to keep in motion with the music. It is a simple idea but one that puts you to the test and you get to workout to some Nintendo songs. At the moment there aren’t much to choose from though it’s still a great nod to the company and could make sweating just a tad more tolerable when moving your body to the Super Mario Odyssey theme song. The rhythm game has two options of either working your arms or core. For the arms you’ll move the Ring-Con, squeeze or pull it when the screen lights up and with perfect timing you’ll earn more points. Core could be tougher if you aren’t too flexible as this mode makes you sway to the left or right while gripping the Ring-Con. We suggest doing a bit of stretching before trying to take it on for the first time. The rhythm game does do a better job at making you perform certain actions in a quicker time than some of the mini-games. As a new mode it offers new challenges for players to conquer on their quest to being fit.

Now is the discussion of a feature that would have made perfect sense to include at the start — jogging! Since we’re supposed to avoid going outdoors during this situation, it’s the perfect time to find a way to run inside. So for those who do not own a treadmill, this mode is a great option. It allows you to run through various courses from the adventure portion of the game without encountering any battles. There are still some challenges waiting to push your limits. Hovering, paddling and more are still involved in reaching the goal. Jogging is straightforward and doesn’t require much explanation, but it’s curious why it hasn’t been a day-one feature. Regardless, this is welcoming and will let people get their cardio going while still social distancing.

Both features are great ideas for this update and the little extras like language and voice options makes this worth updating. If your copy of Ring Fit Adventure was collecting dust or unsatisfied with other home workout ideas, it’s time to get back into the swing of things. Hopefully, you’ll be able to snag a copy somewhere during these conditions as home exercises are popular. This update is free to download and will be ready to use as soon as it’s finished. We hope to see even more additions to the game in the future, especially songs for the rhythm section. Until then, keep sweating it up from the safety and comfort of your home!