Apex Legends ‘The Old Ways’ Event Starts Today, Duos Return For Good

Today is a big day for Apex Legends fans. Not only does it mark the launch of the team free-for-all shooter’s latest event, “The Old Ways,” but it’s also seeing the permanent addition of Duos mode to the game. Players can now enjoy Apex’s fast-paced combat with only their best partner at their side, and this time they don’t have to worry about the mode getting suddenly axed. For those who’re more interested in outright new content though, there’s a decent amount to be had during the Old Ways event.

During this event, fans can take their team into a remote part of the World’s Edge map and take on Bloodhound’s Trials. It’s a horde mode variant wherein teams can take-on scores of prowlers in hopes of earning some top-tier loot. It shouldn’t be hard to get, but situations have a tendency to change quickly in Apex Legends, so challengers should still take the same kind of care here as they would in the normal battle royale mode. Do that and it shouldn’t be too much trouble to collect some new gear before the event ends on April 21.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.