Jet Lancer Flying to Switch and PC with Release Date Trailer

The sky is a huge volume of clean blue air containing far more space than is apparent just by looking at it.  Even knocking out the third dimension leaves a ton of room up and down, all of which provides plenty of space for bullets, missiles and lasers to choke out any safe spots.  The plane in Jet Lancer doesn’t take up a lot of space in the sky but when there’s so many enemies throwing around heavy firepower that doesn’t even come close to helping ensure survival, and this is before the giant robot bosses enter the fight.

Jet Lancer is a supersonic 2D aerial ballet where you play as Ash Leguin, taking down the fleet of sky pirate craft whether they attack by air, boat or mecha-beast.  The jet is nimble, especially once you’ve mastered it’s turning radius, the effects of gravity, and the difference in power between regular flight and dashing, all of which can start out feeling a bit overwhelming until suddenly you’re turning on a dime and boosting back the way you came, or shutting off thrust entirely to drop below an incoming barrage.  And when it all comes together everything explodes in screen-shaking bursts of pixel-art shrapnel, which would be reward enough even aside from earning new weapons and utilities.

Jet Lancer is coming to Switch and PC on May 12, and to celebrate there’s a shiny new trailer available.  Give it a look and get ready to set those clear blue skies on fire.