Google Stadia’s Base Version Now Free for All, Pro Version Free for Two Months

Since Google’s cloud based streaming service launched late last year, interested players were only able to access it by purchasing an available bundle and subscribing to Stadia Pro after the included free trial runs out.

Google has previously made it clear that Stadia would eventually be available to all via a Base version which streams games at a max 1080p resolution, and that access has now gone live, as anyone can sign up for Stadia for free and buy and play games via Google Chrome or any supported Android tablets and phones. Additionally, Google is also offering two months of free access to the Stadia Pro subscription for new and current subscribers alike for the next two days, which currently offers nine free games with more added each month, alongside a max quality of 4K resolution and 60 FPS, although the service will default to 1080p on a temporary basis.

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