Screenshot Saturday Featuring Kardboard Kings, Jack Move, More

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Screenshot Saturday! Times are still tough, but several talented developers, publishers, and more still have ways of showing off their latest games through quick portions via the #screenshotsaturday tag, or social media in general. And we certainly could use a batch of promising games to help celebrate the current coming of the candy-coated fun that is Easter Sunday, and to help celebrate the eventual death of the candy-coated hellish nightmare that is Bunny Day. So without further ado, let’s get straight to the games!

Atomicrops- …Huh, only now did I realize that Screenshot Saturday tends to be notably lacking in posts where the developer’s main goal was to just actually create really good screenshots, plain and simple. But it naturally makes sense that one would want attractive screenshots for their store page, press kit, or more in order to…you know, help sell the actual game. Mind you, this post-apocalyptic twin-stick farming sim is so gleefully insane that it sells itself, but every bit helps, and these are indeed some killer screenshots!

Scrappers- Well, this was a nice surprise! The developers behind the PixelJunk games basically just stealth-launched their latest game on Apple Arcade this past week, after a lengthy period where I hadn’t heard anything about the game and was wondering what its status was. It’s a stylish little beat-’em-up where robots duke it out with each other while collecting garbage, and as mobile games these days seem to have a tough time getting exposure, allow me to shed further light on on this little look at it!

Airhead- When the main gimmick of your metroidvania game is having to manage an head that you can inflate and that you can separate from your body, it stands to reason that water levels will be included, what with the opportunity for flotation-based puzzles and whatnot. And as such, your game will indeed benefit from gorgeous-looking water. And while this game was already a visual stunner as is, this is indeed some damn fine water, I must say.

Rising Hell- The demonic forces of Hell may have a ton of power, but even their most skilled henchmen are no match for a nicely-timed, teleport-based dodge. It may be a simple action, but it’s still an effective one, and showcases a bit of the game’s classic arcade-style gameplay that’s leading to a bunch of positive Early Access reviews. Because even Hell can still be fun if you play your cards right.

Gamedec- It actually impresses me just how many games try to use a lack of combat as a selling point, given that several classic games from the earliest arcade games and beyond have all succeeded without combat. Still, a cyberpunk RPG that focuses more on detective work as opposed to combat is quite unique, and has a ton of potential…especially when it also shows that a twisted world still won’t shy away from violent stuff.

Jack Move- Of course, for those of you who want cyberpunk RPGs that DO feature combat, then this game has you covered, taking more of a JRPG route. Battles here take place in cyberspace, though, and choosing the correct software in battle can be the key to victory. Still, I’m not sure if this can truly be considered hacking, but it looks fun and has some sweet visuals, so I won’t complain.

Kardboard Kings- Well, I’ve seen many quirky simulation games as part of my job, but I rarely get to see something like a game where you manage your own store that sells Magic: The Gathering-style collectible card games. Nifty idea, nice and stylish, and quite realistic, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned from visiting the local comic and card shop, it’s that people adore any quirky pets that pop up in them.

Toasty- An action-adventure RPG game where you’re tasked with battling a gigantic evil force is quite normal. Not so normal is when the hero given this task is a knight made out of a marshmallow. But as seen with practically every game featured here in the past, some of the best stuff rejects normalcy. It looks like a fun little retro trip, and a demo is available now if you want to check it out.

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time- I’m guessing this is a name many of you probably didn’t expect to see in this feature. But Adult Swim Games seem to be going hard when it comes to promoting the game, plus the inclusion of some the show’s writers and a trip through classic episodes like this, all topped with stylish action, should hopefully make for a good Samurai Jack game.

Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl- And speaking of familiar faces, it only makes sense that the direct follow-up to a movie that involves the Easter Bunny getting beaten up gets a feature on Easter weekend. It looks like a cute throwback to classic beat-’em-ups, but it also looks like the other bunnies are out for blood now…