2K and Firaxis Announce XCOM: Chimera Squad

The popular turn-based strategy game will be getting another entry, and it will be sooner than you thought. 2K and Firaxis have announced XCOM: Chimera Squad for Windows PC. This will follow along in the line of the two main reboot titles, but will be a standalone title. Most importantly, the game launches on April 24 of this year (literally a week) and it will only be $9.99. This is thanks in part to 2K’s XCOM sale to support the global community as the game will go up in price to $19.99 on May 1.

The game will feature 11 different alien and human agents that will all have their own distinct abilities and personalities. Players can expect specialized and complimentary classes along with re-constructed combat that is aimed for more discreet encounters. Breach Mode will allow players to add squads during battle. You can view the trailer for the reveal below.

“We’re inspired by our passionate community and excited by the opportunity to create a dynamic, innovative, and unique XCOM experience for both fans of our games and new players in XCOM: Chimera Squad,” said Steve Martin, President at Firaxis Games.

“With XCOM: Chimera Squad, we felt there were exciting gameplay opportunities yet to be discovered within the XCOM universe,” said Mark Nauta, Lead Designer at Firaxis Games. “Gameplay like Breach Mode, interleaved turn order, and the introduction of agents as fully fleshed-out characters will revolutionize how the game plays while still retaining the combat experience that makes the XCOM series so loved by gaming communities around the world.”