Phantasy Star Online 2 Now Available on Xbox One

Two months ago, we covered the closed beta for Phantasy Star Online 2 and found it to be remarkable. Its mix of fast action and a lot of non-battle activities was a lot of fun, and the open beta over the past couple of weeks further established that. Now, the game is finally available in full and it’s free to play as well. The original PSO was a modest hit on the Dreamcast, while the sequel found a long life in Asia – but it wasn’t until the closed beta in February that it was officially playable in English. Xbox One players can enjoy the game now, and it is set to come out for Windows PCs via the Windows Store in late May. Early birds with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will get some in-game rewards like an Xbox jacket and controller accessory, and new quests will start up later in the week. If you want an action-packed RPG with a solid loot mechanic and a bit of gambling on the side with virtual blackjack and slots, it’s a perfect mix of action and relaxation.