Remnant: From the Ashes’ Swamps of Corsus DLC Releasing Later This Month

Remnant: From the Ashes’ latest piece of DLC will soon be available to those eager to jump back into Gunfire Games’ brand of third-person, action RPG-styled shooting. Dubbed Swamps of Corsus, the DLC expands on one of the base game’s main planetary settings with a new storyline. Complete with new weapons, mods, dungeons and bosses to take down. But perhaps the most notable new addition here is the brand new Survival Mode that comes part of the package.

In this, players are stripped of all their equipment (eve equipped armor and clothing is removed), save for a starting pistol and a small amount of scrap to spend on randomized items in-between dungeons. The task is for players to make their way through similarly procedurally-generated, streamlined versions of the main game’s settings. Defeating random bosses along the way whilst also earning XP to then invest back in their character build. The catch, however, is that players are pitted against the clock, meaning that the longer they take, the harder it will be to progress with difficulty cranked up the longer players take. The mode continues until either the player dies, or they successfully get through all dungeons and defeat all bosses present.

Remnant: From the Ashes’ Swamps of Corsus DLC will be available for PC first, starting April 28. A version for consoles, on PS4 and Xbox One, will follow at a later as-yet-unconfirmed date. Check out a teaser for the new DLC below.