World War Z Game of the Year Edition Announced, Coming May 5

Zombie enthusiasts who haven’t yet joined the fight in World War Z might finally be getting a good reason to do so. Focus Home Interactive has just announced World War Z Game of the Year Edition, which takes all the new content released over the past year and bundles it together into a single package. This includes all previously released weapon and character packs, as well an additional weapon pack which hasn’t yet been released. A brand new story episode set in the french city of Marseille is also part of the package, adding a new location and three PvE episodes to the game.

Naturally, World War Z Game of the Year Edition also includes all the free updates made to the base game over the past year, including Horde Mode Z and Xbox One crossplay. The game will be hitting PC via the Epic Game Store, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on May 5.