Nimbatus Shooting Out of Early Access with Release Date Trailer

Stay at home!  How many times do people need to be told this for it to sink in?  It’s probably much easier for the pilots of Nimbatus, though, because they get to construct drones to head down to the planet and carry out their work for them.  Attach a few energy modules to the core, surround them with armor blocks of various shapes and sizes, toss on drills, clamps, thrusters, and any number of lasers, and you too could be ready for any hazard the grocery store a magma planet or hive of mecha-bees can throw your way.  Nimbatus may be subtitled “The Space Drone Constructor” but once built you then get to fly it into the arcade shootiness of space, carving holes into planets to extract their resources while fending off mechs and monsters ranging from tiny little guys in swarms to massive kill-beasts that long ago outgrew any need for fear.  Different drones are more suitable for different events, though, such as races or AI combat arenas scattered throughout the galaxy.  The advantage of being able to build just about anything is that the result can specialize its abilities, and there are plenty of opportunities to put that to the test.

Nimbatus has been working its way through Early Access since 2018, after a successful Kickstarter run in 2017.  Since that time it’s received a good number of regular updates, clearing the 1.0 mark back in March and getting regular polish ever since, plus ice planets were added yesterday so it seems like there’s still more to come.  Now it’s finally got a release date of May 14, complete with a brand-new release date trailer to keep you busy safe at home.