Golf With Your Friends Leaving Early Access and Coming to Consoles

If you’re looking for a new game to play online with friends then Golf With Your Friends might fit the bill. The concept is simple – it’s digital mini golf. However, it uses its video game nature to provide increasingly ridiculous (and difficult) courses.

Golf With Your Friends has been on Steam Early Access for years now and is finally almost ready. It will launch officially on May 19 – and also arrive on consoles for the first time. Folks pre-ordering on Switch or Xbox One will receive The Caddy Pack DLC. PS4 won’t get pre-orders and instead offer this DLC for purchases within the first two weeks of launch. The DLC includes goofy hats for your golf ball.

Note that if you want to get the game via PC, it’s probably best to buy now while it still costs $9.99 on Steam. The new regular price will be $19.99 across all platforms.