Splatoon 2 Special Demo Coming Next Week, Splatfest Next Month

It may seem pretty random for Splatoon 2 to announce a special demo but it’s happening! Perhaps the influx of new Switch purchases during the quarantined times makes for good timing to release this event. Splatoon 2 launched back in 2017 but if you haven’t played yet now is the time to check it out.

The splatisfying action starts Thursday, April 30 and ends on Wednesday, May 6. During this timeframe you can obtain a free code to participate once downloading the file. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to check out online modes such as Turf War, Ranked Battle and Salmon Run. If you really enjoy it that much and decide to purchase the full game, you’ll receive a 30% discount which isn’t too shabby.

Keep playing Splatoon 2 and you’ll level up to earn access to new gear just in time for Splatfest. The event is coming back with Team Ketchup vs. Team Mayo from May 22 to May 24. Learn more about the events on the official website.