Burning It All Down in Wildfire Release Date Trailer

Some elements are more equal than others.  Water is truly terrifying when there’s enough of it, but it’s not like a cup will turn into a tidal wave.  Fire, on the other hand, never stays the same size for long, growing to cover any surface it can get a grip on.  That makes it the perfect element to star in a um… stealth platform adventure?  Nothing says “sneaky” like a five-alarm blaze, after all.  In a world that used to have more magic than is now available, a woman who can still use it is being persecuted by the armies of the local ruler.  It’s not their best plan, seeing as she can create not just fire but also water in both frozen and liquid states, and even different kinds of plants.  Entangling a guard or stray hostile beast in vines and then lighting them on fire is probably an incredibly mean thing to do, but there’s no denying its effectiveness.  It’s not half as cheerfully sadistic, though, as popping out of a coffin right in the face of a guard, causing them to panic and run straight into a pit of spikes.  The release-date trailer for Wildfire may show that religious persecution and “burn the witch!” zealotry is the game’s motivating force, but there’s a fair amount of Looney Tunes hiding in its frequently-sneaky action.

Wildfire is releasing for PC on May 26, with a brand new fire-infused trailer to herald the announcement.  Give it a look below, and remember that just because you can start a fire doesn’t mean you can control it.