PONG Quest Now Available on Steam

Around a month ago, Atari announced Pong Quest and took the gaming world by storm. You had not only the return of PONG as a thing, but in a wrapper no one could fully expect – as an RPG. The idea is that you have traditional Pong gameplay, but can do things like explore dungeons – so it blends Pong with some 8-bit Zelda-style action. You’ve got the same kind of overhead table tennis action, but can do things like change up your ball types mid-match and keep your opponents guessing.

Victories allow you to buff yourself and exploring areas will net you things like keys, while some light puzzle-solving is mixed in to keep your mind sharp. The somewhat limited design of a Pong paddle is used for a variety of unique character designs, and shows the Pong franchise in a new and exciting light. At the time of its announcement, spring 2020 was all anyone had to go on – but now we know that spring will see the console release and the PC release via Steam is available right now. It’s normally $14.99, but has a 20% off early bird discount until April 28 – so if you’ve got some Steam wallet money and a desire to check out a new twist on a classic, check it out.