House Flipper Gettting the Signature Edition Treatment

It takes more than a lovely facade to make a house a home, but not being a rathole certainly helps.  House Flipper was a surprising success when it came out on PC back in 2018, letting the player buy up garbage properties and beat them into shape, sometimes to a clients specifications and other times freestyling it all the way.  There’s something soothing about cleaning and repairing something that had seemed beyond redemption, especially when the back-breaking labor part is replaced with a few button presses and swipes of the controller.  There’s still work involved, of course, but not needing to peel all your skin off and replacing it because the old epidermal layer can never be touched again due to the things that had been coating it is certainly a nice advantage.  Plus you get to hit walls with a sledgehammer, which is always deeply satisfying.  After a couple years of PC success House Flipper landed on console last month, and now Merge Games is bringing the physical version to life, both as a regular release and with a nice Signature Edition for those who like something just a bit fancier.

House Flipper is available on Xbox One, PS4, and Switch, and getting a Signature Edition on each.  In addition to the game in a handsome box the Signature Edition also comes with two pins, a keychain, and even a House Flipper carpenter’s pencil.  The preorder went live today (available here), and the first 500 also get a House Flipper coin to go with it.  Give it a look, or at least take a peek at the game’s trailer below to see the horrors of grime renovated into a virtual house worth living in.