Trials of Mana Kevin Character Class Guide

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Kevin may look tough, but he’s an honest, sweet half-beastman who cares more deeply for his friends than anyone else. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and wishes to prove he’s the strongest fighter out there. He hopes to live up to expectations and prove that being a beastman isn’t just about cruel brute strength.



Locked Abilities: None

Class Strikes: Phenomenal Fist

A heel kick and punch combo damage the enemy



A balanced warrior class. Good at both healing magic and fighting, Monks can support both themselves and their allies during battle.

Locked Abilities: Indignant

Attack increases if an ally faints

Class Strikes: Spin Kick

Enemies in the area of attack get caught up in a whirlwind of kicks



A class that relies on brute strength, Brawlers learn attack-focused abilities. They do a lot of damage when they go forth in battle.

Locked Abilities: Mutiny

Attack increases by 15% is HP is 50% or below

Class Strikes: Abyssal Slice

Countless hits and a somersault kick combo damage the enemy


Divine Fist

Divine Fists can use class strikes in quick succession. They can learn abilities and moves that do extra damage when using class strikes.

Item: Gold Aura

Locked Abilities: Fighting Spirit

Add 4% of CS gauge for every 5 sec. In battle

Class Strikes: Byakko Wave

A ball of electricity shoots out to damage the enemy upon impact


Warrior Monk

An effective and balanced warrior class, Warrior Monks have high attack and healing powers. They can both fight and back up the party.

Item: Silver Aura

Locked Abilities: Ambition

Status effect or stat decrease canceled when using class strike

Class Strikes: Genbu Kick

Attack the enemy with a barrage of super fast kicks to deal damage



A self-sufficient warrior class. Enlighteneds can boost their own stats and use their bodies like a weapon. They are perfect as a front line fighter.

Item: Mage Aura

Locked Abilities: Inferno

Invincible for 10 sec. At the start of battle

Class Strikes: Suzaku Aerial

An explosion of fiery energy deals damage to the area of attack


Fatal Fist

A powerhouse warrior class, Fatal Fists are an unbeatable attack class. They can use their class strike “Seiryu Strike” and cause tons of damage in the area of effect.

Item: Death Aura

Locked Abilities: Royal Anger

Attack and defense increase by 10% when HP drops to 30% or below

Class Strikes: Seiryu Strike

An explosion of electrical energy deals damage to the area of attack

Class 4 (Light)

Beast King

One of the topmost Grappler classes, Beast Kings have the class strike proficiency of a Divine Fist and the healing abilities of a Warrior Monk. They make use of their high attack and defense.

Item: Instinct Sphere

Locked Abilities: Gem

Cannot be knocked back while using a charge attack, opponent’s damage decreased by 20%

Class Strikes: Qilin Assault

Rock is thrown into the enemy from above for massive damage

Class 4 (Dark)


One of the topmost Grappler classes, Annihilators can press their advantage like a Fatal Fist and power up their attacks like an Enlightened. They can overpower any enemy.

Item: Instinct Sphere

Locked Abilities: Evil Spirit

Attack increase by 3% when normal attack hits (up to 30%)

Class Strikes: Dragon Torrent

High-powered energy shoots forward and deals massive damage

Our Tips: 

Kevin is easily the most powerful attacker in Trials of Mana. His strength is completely unmatched by any other character and he caters heavily to attacking nonstop with incredibly powerful attacks. During the night, Kevin shape shifts into a beast and deals extra damage no matter which class he chooses. Those looking for a brutal attacker who is fully focused on strength without worrying about magic will likely enjoy wandering down the Dark path most. The Light path offers a near equal level of strength, but gives Kevin more access to magic that allow him to strengthen himself in combat without anyone else’s help. If a party has someone who can buff other characters, Kevin is likely better off going down the Dark path in order to reach his most powerful potential without worrying about MP. If he’s the only one capable of giving out buffs on the team, he should go down the Light path.

Best Team Composition:

As the undisputed strongest, Kevin works well with any other characters.

  • Dark Kevin could be paired with a Light Duran and Dark Riesz to make a heavy attack focus that would rely on Duran heavily to do elemental damage.
  • Light Kevin is still immensely powerful but allows him to heal others which in turn would make for a great team with Dark Duran and Light Hawkeye for a wonderful mix of heavy attacks and some magic trickery on the side.