GamesRadar Announces Future Games Show To Be Held In June

Well, it appears as though E3 2020’s cancellation has led to a demand for virtual conventions, events, and presentations to be held in place of the annual shindig. First The Escapist announces an E3 2020 Indie Showcase, then we get a Summer Edition of the Steam Games Festival, and now Future and GamesRadar are throwing their hat into the ring with the Future Games Show, which will take place during the former E3 week.

Set to be an hour long, the show will focus on both triple-A and indie titles across all platforms, including the upcoming next-gen consoles. Exclusive trailers and “deep dives” are also set to be there, though it is likely the games shown may differ from the titles shown in the trailer below, which are simply just part of the announcement to help set the stage. No exact date has been announced yet, but more details are set to appear in the coming weeks. For now, though, those who want to involved can do so via the form at this link.