2K Announces WWE 2K Battlegrounds

Last week, 2K announced that there would be no annual mainline entry in the WWE 2K series – which let to a lot of speculation. Fortunately, they did announce that an announcement would be coming today and it has been revealed in the form of WWE 2K Battlegrounds. Much like how NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 takes a light-hearted approach to hoops action, Battlegrounds does the same for WWE. Saber Interactive will be using their experience with Playgrounds to create Battlegrounds and deliver a new kind of WWE game this fall.

This isn’t the first light-hearted foray into wrestling action, as both the Superstars and Wrestlefest games from the late ’80s and early ’90s offered up great pick up and play experiences, and WWE All Stars started off the last decade with a game very similar to what this appears to be – only without dinosaurs. 2K also announced that WWE 2K19’s servers will be kept running at the request of fans, which is a smart move to keep some goodwill intact after the problematic release of WWE 2K20. While there won’t be a 2020 simulation game, they did announce that a longer “production timeline” will be used to make the next simulation game.

In being pretty honest about 2K20’s issues, they’ve shown that they can admit when things don’t go well. They’ve brought in Patrick Gilmore to help right the ship and hopefully we’ll see a return to a more simulation-style game next year and a new Battlegrounds game being used as a side game to offer something a bit different – similar to how the THQ era had a variety of different games out to help keep things feel fresh.