Star Wars Battlefront II Gets One Final Update as DICE Winds Down Support

DICE today fully revealed everything coming to Star Wars Battlefront II in the upcoming Scarif update, and confirmation that support for the game is ending.

Last week, DICE landed the devastating blow that they’d be winding down support for Battlefield V. Today, with the full reveal of the Scarif update, DICE also revealed that the same thing is happening with Star Wars Battlefront II. While the servers, in-game challenges, recurring events and more will continue forward, there no more planned regular content updates. Scarif is the final major content drop. So, what’s all in it?

In addition to Scarif, the updates adds a slew of Galactic Civil War maps to the Supremacy game mode. These include Hoth, Death Star II, Tatooine, and Yavin IV. Players can also enjoy these maps in Instant Action offline. Scarif also joins the co-op playlist.

Heroes vs. Villains fans will be pleased to know that Crait is finally joining the rotation. Teased since 2017, the salty mineral planet finally plays host to the ultimate clash between light and dark. The map takes place inside the main hangar of the map.

Finally, the update brings new appearances for heroes and villains (finally). After many, many fan requests, Darth Maul finally gets his first alternate appearance. Based on his appearance in Star Wars Rebels, the skin features a new lightsaber design, his sleeveless robes, and robotic robes. There’s also two The Rise of Skywalker inspired appearances. Emperor Palpatine gets his Sith Eternal appearance, which includes some nice red. Finally, Rey gets a new appearance with her yellow lightsaber. It’s exciting to finally get new appearances, but it’s too bad these are likely the last.

Star Wars Battlefront II is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.