More Galar Variants, Second Battle Season Coming to Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO has possibly seen a decline in players since quarantines took place. Luckily, some things have been made easier such as receiving more gifts and items but a couple of additions are on the way to enjoy from home or on-the-go.

First a Throwback Challenge has been announced which honors Pokémon’s history from the Kanto region to Sinnoh every week of May starting this Friday. Themed research will take place and select Pokémon will appear in abundance such as Venonat and Chansey. But with this news comes the arrival more generation 8 variants of Galarian forms for Meowth, Zigzagoon Darumaka and Stunfisk with more possibly appearing as the month continues. You can check out the entire listing of reveals for the Throwback Challenge on the official website.

Also, a new season of Battle League will be starting the same day of May 1. Some rewards include Rufflet and Scraggy along with receiving a pair of TMs. Some attacks are being altered to reduce energy requirement or increase attack. Most of the format from the first season will stay the same but you can read more about the changes here. Plus, season 3 is already set to start in July.

It’s exciting to see these updates coming to Pokémon GO especially during such challenging times. It gives fans something to check out while being stuck in one place and eventually get to discover new things once they get outdoors.