ScourgeBringer Debuts New Update, ‘The Living Walls’

Flying Oak Games’ roguelike 2D action-platformer ScourgeBringer has been in Early Access for nearly three months now, and so far it’s been a massive success. And now the first major update for the game is live, marking a significant development for it. Entitled “The Living Walls,” the update sees the addition of the latest realm/level, the titular Living Walls. As the name may imply and as the trailer below shows, our hero Kyhra has to explore a new addition to the monolith with more fleshy, organics walls and surroundings, which provide a neat backdrop for even more intense action.

Of course, with this new level comes a whole crop of other additions to the game as well. This includes new enemies, a new boss, five new blessings to discover, and four new skills to purchase, including a Dragon Punch. Even more notable, more lore elements are being added to the game, such as computers from the Old World encountered in-game that provide bits of story, and a bestiary to allow players to learn more about enemies. To celebrate this update, Scourgebringer is twenty percent off on Steam until May 3, so if you can’t wait for the game’s full release on PC and XB1 later this year, now would be a great time to pick it up.