SNK Gals Fighters Hits Switch

Earlier this spring, SNK tested the waters with Neo Geo Pocket Color ports for the first time with the release of Samurai Shodown 2 as part of a pre-order bonus with the Switch version of the SamSho reboot. Now, the first separate NGPC port is available in the form of SNK Gals Fighters for the Switch. This 2000 release set out to determine who was the true Queen of Fighters and its all-female cast offered up something completely different — with its fighting system still standing tall among similar concepts like SNK Heroines. The roster is a tad lean, but everyone feels different to fight with, and the pacing is much quicker than one might expect from a twenty year old portable fighter. At only $8, it’s priced pretty well and includes borders that replicate the NGPC’s many color variants.