Rock of Ages III Tells a Different Humpty Dumpty Tale in New Trailer

Rock of Ages returns with a third installment this June, and as is the norm by now for the series, the game lets you choose from several different boulders or boulder-like objects to roll into enemy defenses. With their latest trailer, though, developers ACE Team and Giant Monkey Robot want to focus on a particular boulder: Humpty Dumpty. As seen below, Humpty proudly charges into battle across the Wonderland battlefield, heading towards the enemy army…and breaking in two hits. Luckily, Humpty’s friends just happen to have multiple smaller boulders, allowing them to avenge their fallen comrade.

Actually, Humpty’s tale actually showcases two of the game’s new modes. There’s Humpty Dumpty Mode, which adds a platforming adventure to Rock of Ages as you guide fragile Humpty to the end of the course, which checkpoints and extra lives to assist. And then there’s Avalanche Mode, which goes full tower defense and has you crafting the defenses needed to fend off several boulders, working with more resources than usual that allow for larger armies. In addition, the trailer also provides some peeks at some of the other boulders to be included, such as a cheese wheel, and the level creator, complete with a new spaghetti world. Rock of Ages III: Make & Break is due out from publisher Modus Games on June 2 for all major platforms, as well as Stadia, and should hopefully be a hoot.