Weaving Tides Threads a Path to Kickstarter

The nice thing about videogame landscapes is they don’t have to make any kind of sense whatsoever.  The logic only needs to hold up well enough to support the gameplay, and after that anything goes.  Nobody really cares who built Mario’s levels, after all, so long as they’re fun to jump through.  Weaving Tides is a game set in a world made of ribbons and thread, and you play as a misplaced human living among the moth-people with your best friend being a cross between a manta ray and carpet.  It’s beautiful and imaginative, and works perfectly in context.

Weaving Tides launched its Kickstarter today, and it’s an action-adventure where you fly over the loosely-woven ground and stitch it up where necessary.  The carpet-manta has a ribbon tail, and once you’ve dropped beneath the surface it latches on to the starting point and acts pretty much as you’d expect a ribbon to, when woven into a fabric.  Fly over a hole in the ground and drop back down to automatically sew it up, or wait for an enemy to walk under the ribbon then dip down to secure it in place.  Sometimes there are grommets on the ground and you need to fly through them in a certain pattern, and it’s not always obvious what that pattern would be.  The Kickstarter comes with a lengthy demo, giving the story a strong start while going through several areas and a little past the first boss fight.  It’s a nice chunk of gaming and well worth giving a play-through to.

Weaving Tides is live on Kickstarter now and its demo is linked from there.  Head on over, or at least take a look at its trailer below.