Photography Game Umurangi Generation Shoots a Release Date Trailer

Aim and shoot is the core of just about every first person game, but there’s more you can do with that action than launch a projectile.  Photography games may be few and far between but they do exist (Afrika on PS3, the classically weird Simple 1500: The Cameraman on PS1) rather than being a bonus add-on for a game about something else entirely.  Umurangi Generation is the latest one, and it’s an incredibly cool and stylish take on the genre that aims to reward player creativity.  Set in a troubled future, you play a photographer taking on jobs and chasing goals within the levels to unlock new gear and lenses.  Taking a shot is only half the action, because once the picture is framed and captured there are a number of sliders to play with to adjust its color values.  There’s no wrong answer on how to do it, and you can take as many shots as you like, so experimentation is rewarded.  There’s a demo on Steam that’s good fun to mess around with, despite being left with the lingering impression that I’ll never be cool enough to hang with this crowd.  Because you can arrange things any way you like the single level is highly replayable, and even if it wasn’t the soundtrack alone makes it worth a look.

Umurangi Generation is coming out on May 19 and the demo is available now.  Check out the trailer below, and maybe spend half an hour poking around a rooftop looking for the setup of the perfect shot.