Wonderful 101 Gets Physical Delay, Digital Release Date Unchanged

The Wonderful 101 was one of the Wii U’s most unique and beloved games. It was a Wii U exclusive that people had been crying out for years to have re-released on other platforms – and earlier this year, a successful Kickstarter campaign allowed that to happen. Both digital and physical editions were planned for the Switch and PlayStation 4, with a digital release on PC – beyond Kickstarter exclusives and such. The original release date for both digital and physical versions was May 19, but Platinum announced that the timeline has changed for the physical edition only due to COVID-19.

Digital buyers can still get it on May 19 in North America and on May 22 for the EU, but physical buyers will have to wait until June 30 for NA and July 3 for the EU. If you were a Kickstarter backer for a physical version, you’ll be e-mailed a Steam code to get the digital version of that alongside the digital release date alongside whatever version you backed physically. Those who backed a physical version will now get two versions of the game for the price of one, so it’s a better long-term value even if the circumstances are less than ideal. We’ll be covering the re-release when it comes out, as we have several longtime fans of the original game on staff who can’t wait to try it out on modern devices.