Evo 2020 Transitions to Online Event This Summer

With so many gaming events delayed or all-together cancelled as large gatherings continue to be evaluated for their safety, many fighting game fans were keeping an eye on the largest fighting game tournament as it neared its kickoff.

Yesterday, the EVO team took to their official Twitter account to share an update on their plans for this year’s event. Expectedly, EVO 2020 will not be taking place at Mandalay Bay as a physical event, and anyone who had purchased tickets up to this point will be refunded. However, there will be an online event held in its place, with more information regarding the virtual tournament coming “soon.” EVO 2020 was originally scheduled for the weekend of July 31-August 2, so fighting game participants and viewers may still want to keep that weekend clear in case the new event shares the same dates.

Stay tuned to Hardcore Gamer as more information arises about EVO 2020.