Screenshot Saturday Featuring Maquette, Rain on Your Parade, More

Well, in last week’s Screenshot Saturday, I suspected that we may see an increase in interesting games popping up, as several developers and publishers would begin preparing for the many virtual showcases set for June. And then Geoff Keighley announced Summer Game Fest, which begins ASAP this month, so it comes as no surprise that the #screenshotsaturday tag was being used by a few notable games this weekend. Given that one of Summer Game Fest’s goals is to give a hefty focus to indie titles, we can easily expect even more to come over the next four months. But for now, we still have a bunch of other sneak peeks into impressive games that we’ve gathered into a single collection, so let’s get right to our latest Screenshot Saturday feature!

Maquette- This first-person puzzler revolves around altering your surroundings through changes to the titular maquette, and that means getting to see every structure around you in various sizes. And be it massive or model-sized, each bit of scenery makes for some rather striking visuals, which certainly allows this game and its impressive gameplay to stand out. It may seem weird, but it also seems brilliant.

Rain on Your Parade- Well, given that one of last year’s most beloved games was one where you play as a goose that’s a major asshole, it should be no surprise that similar games related around causing mischief would pop up later. Except here, you play as a cloud with elements of nature such as rain, thunder, and lightning at your disposal…and yet sometimes, the most dickish thing you can do with those powers is to note use them when needed, as seen here.

Ageless- This particular puzzle-platformer sees players having to manipulate the ages of various flora and fauna in order to navigate various obstacles. As such, planning a proper appearance and behavior for everything that can be altered is of vital importance, as seen here with a species of animal shown in its egg, infant, adult, and old age stages. Figuring out which one is needed makes for some nifty puzzles, and it should be interesting to see what else we get to work with…

Boomerang X- Well, I’ve seen quite a few vomiting enemies in video games over the past two and a half decades or so, and that is some impressive looking vomit, both in color and in how much is being hurled…and I’m actually being sincere about this, by the way. It looks like an enemy that’ll be fun to battle, and which showcases even more nice and fast-paced action. So yay, vomit!

Skeleton Crew- Ah, there’s nothing like the feeling of being in the home stretch of an important project. And in this case, the project in question is a physics-based platformer where you launch objects and enemies around like pinballs in order to battle Chaos itself. It certainly looks fun, so after a series of go-overs and polish, this should be one to look out for upon release.

No Plan B- In a tactical strategy game where you can’t afford to make a single mistake because…well, because the title tells you why, planning is everything. Thus, a system that allows you to plan everything out is quite important, especially the ability to rewind footage so that you can go over everything possible before making your final moves. So indeed, hats off to anyone working hard in that department.

Super Arcade Racing- I honestly do not recall how an a tweet from two months ago for a top-down arcade racer that was released last year wound up among this weekend’s tweets…but as I am also kicking myself for missing out on an old-school racing game like this that looks impressive, I’m certainly glad it somehow found a way here!

Pile Up!- Huh, so that’s what it looks like when cardboard explodes. It actually looks quite impressive, as does everything else in this co-op platformer about cardboard boxes. You’ll have to work together to get find ways of getting around obstacles such as this, and if that means having your buddies handle explosive materials, then so be it.

Kardboard Kings- I admit that I haven’t paid attention to the costs of individual cards in games such as Magic: The Gathering over the past few years, but from personal experience and what I can recall, a foil card on its own isn’t necessarily a gateway to big bucks, especially if it’s a basic land or a trash rare. It has to be something that’s still useful. Something to keep in mind for this card shop sim, which still looks like a unique and interesting bit of work.

Eastward- …Okay, I was actually trying to avoid any more posts with jokes about the current state of the world, but given how much I’m looking forward to this gorgeous adventure, I’m willing to let it off with a warning. But dang it, we had better receive more info on the game soon…