Fanatical Very Positive Bundle 2 Offers AVGN Sequel, Cosmic Star Heroine for $4

Fanatical’s bundles can be hit or miss, but if you’re lacking some of the heavy-hitters in the second Very Positive bundle, it’s well-worth checking out. This bundle gets you eight games total, with Pathologic, Pinstripe, Tesla vs. Lovecraft, Masquerada, The Ace of Decadence, Shelter 2, AVGN II: Assimilation, and Cosmic Star Heroine being yours for only $4.

There are a few standouts here, with Tesla vs. Lovecraft being a great pickup for anyone who wants a new twin-stick shooter, while AVGN II offers up some tough, but fair 2D platforming and Cosmic Star Heroine blends a cyberpunk world with a Phantasy Star-style battle system and story progression. Those three games alone are well-worth the asking price, and offer up enough value to keep people entranced for quite some time.