Apex Legends Season 5 Introduces Quests, New Legend ‘Loba’ to the Mix

The next season of Apex Legends,  season 5, will be hitting the game on May 12. This update, titled “Fortunes Favor,” introduces a new legend into the fray as well as another new wrinkle in the Apex Legends gameplay loop. The new legend, Loba Andrade, brings a new suite of interesting abilities to the fray including some sort of battle teleportation ability. Check out the video below to see how it could be utilized and as well as some hints at Loba’s origins.

Season 5 will also be bringing Quests into Apex Legends. These are described as missions tasking players with hunting both treasure and answers in each season from here onward. Respawn has stated that completing said missions will yield good rewards, but it remains to be seen what kind of impact Quests will have on the game beyond that. Fans can also expect to see Ranked League Series Four kick-off before June hits.

Apex Legends is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.