EA to Publish 14 Titles This Coming Financial Year

In their latest earnings release for the fourth and closing quarter for this financial year, EA have confirmed they plan to release 14 titles during FY2021. Unsurprisingly, four of these games are EA Sports titles with FIFA, Madden and NHL all returning with a currently-unannounced fourth game planned for announcement in the near future. In the realm of remasters, alongside the already-unveiled Command & Conquer Remastered collection — which is planned for release this coming June — EA also confirm a second HD title is in the works.

But perhaps the most interesting bit of news, for those outside the annual sports bubble, is the company’s continued support for their EA Originals program. Referred to as “EA Partners” here, four games from third-party studios will also be published — joining the likes of Unravel, A Way Out and Fe whom have all benefitted from EA’s past ventures into supporting independent games. Capping off the supposed list of 14 are two mobile games, a VR iteration in the Medal of Honor series and the Switch version of Burnout Paradise Remastered.

While much of the talk at present is, understandably, revolving around the next-gen consoles, EA also confirmed that they will continue to support the Nintendo Switch in some capacity, simply claiming “multiple EA games [are] set to launch on Nintendo Switch this year”.