Great Generals, Cards Meet in Total War: Elysium Gameplay Trailer

Creative Assembly and SEGA showed-off some gameplay for the Total War developer’s next entry in the franchise today. Contrary to what one might expect, Total War: Elysium isn’t a real-time strategy game but is instead a free-to-play collectible card card game. Is it different enough to stand out amongst its competition? Check out the new gameplay trailer and find out.

Total War: Elysium’s main hook is player’s ability to pit history’s best generals, tacticians and even diplomats against one another in direct conflict. Each general, like the hero characters in other collectible card games, brings their own unique talent to the battlefield and is likely better suited to certain kinds of units. Since Creative Assembly is pulling from a wide slice of history here, players should be able to build some pretty interesting card decks. Those that want to give it a try once it hits beta can sign-up on the Total War: Elyisum website. For fans that aren’t quite so excited for a collectible card game, the official FAQ might help address some concerns.

Total War: Elysium has no launch date yet, but Creative Assembly is aiming to have the game available on PC, Android and iOS devices upon initial release.