Pokémon GO Rolling Out New Ways to Earn Coins

Pokémon GO has had its ups and downs over the years with plenty to criticize but a lot to praise at least from a fan point of view. Today, there are plans on the way for a huge change to a specific feature of the game. And with quarantining still going strong this particular update would tremendously help players stuck at home.

In the coming months new methods of earning coins will roll out. Currently, the only way of earning them is to defend a gym which could be tough for a number of players depending on where they are located. A testing phase will take place in Australia where coins can be earned by evolving Pokémon, winning raids, making nice throws and more. Doing this allows players to purchase in-game items without using real money or defending a gym.

After data is collected from testing the plan is to go worldwide which is hopefully sooner rather than later. Read more about the idea on the official website.