Bandai Namco Reveals Scarlet Nexus For Xbox One and Series X

Sometimes you come across a certain game and go “that’s the most anime thing I’ve ever seen!” We’ve seen several people exclaim this last year, thanks to the likes of Astral Chain and Code Vein. But much like with Code Vein, Bandai Namco have decided to say “hold my beer” and deliver us possibly their most anime-ish title yet. That would be Scarlet Nexus, which was revealed during today’s Inside Xbox presentation. You can check out the announcement trailer below, where things get insane quite quickly.

Scarlet Nexus is set in the distant future, where a psionic hormone has given people ESP, changing the world in the process and creating what the developers call a “Brain Punk” future. Unfortunately, in a moment of bad timing, mysterious mutants called The Others began appearing as well, and they just happen to feast on brains. And since conventional weapons don’t harm them, it’s up to the elite Other Suppression Force to use their psionic powers in order to combat these odd, flower-filled creatures.

The game has us playing as Yuito Sumeragi, an OSF agent who uses psychokinesis to battle The Others, meaning anything in the environment can become a weapon. Judging by the footage, it certainly looks like his talents will make for one impressive action-RPG game. No release window has been announced yet, but for now, Scarlet Nexus is due out later for XB1 and Xbox Series X, with Smart Delivery allowing you to play it across both platforms.