Bright Memory: Infinite Announced for Next-Gen Consoles

Playism and FYQD Studio today revealed Bright Memory: Infinite for Xbox Series X

FYQD Studio’s fast-paced shooter is coming to Xbox Series X. Microsoft kicked off their Xbox Series X gameplay reveal this morning with the shooter, showcasing lightning-fast FPS combat and some impressive visual effects.

Bright Memory: Infinite takes place in the year 2036 and puts players in the shows of Shelia. The game focuses on the Supernatural Science Research Organization, of which Shelia is a member of. Outfitted with advanced technology, Shelia faces off against enemies from her current time and the past. For example, the gameplay showcases her facing off against an ancient samurai.

With the help of next-generation technology, Bright Memory: Infinite features some truly impressive visual effects. The snippet of gameplay featured dynamic weather where wind, rain, leaves, and pebbles flew into a giant wormhole. This was all done using Raytracing and is just a taste of what the game can achieve on the upcoming hardware.

Bright Memory: Infinite is currently set to release on Xbox Series X and PC. However, there’s no word yet on a PS5 version. In addition, no word on a release date or window.