Giger-Inspired Scorn Reemerges as Xbox Exclusive

It’s been a while since we heard anything major from Ebb Software and their intriguing (and unsettling) Giger-inspired first-person horror game, Scorn. But for anyone who hasn’t yet heard of this project, you’d be forgiven for initially mistaking this for some sort of Alien tie-in on visuals and aesthetic alone. After a successful Kickstarter campaign which kicked off back in September 2017, the project has been fairly quiet. And while the game does remain on course to release on PC, it looks like the studio will also be bringing their title to Microsoft’s platform, with Scorn being confirmed as a console exclusive for Xbox Series X.

The studio do state that so far as consoles go, the game will remain next-gen only, with no plans to support current-generation platforms. Whether or not this in fact means full exclusivity to Microsoft’s platform, remains unclear. You can see how the project is shaping in the latest trailer below. No release date for Scorn, has so far been provided though hints that the developers are hoping to hit the console’s launch period.