Monster Train Rolls Into The Station On May 21

The race to create the next big deck-building strategy game continues, with developer Shiny Shoe and publisher Good Shepherd’s Monster Train set to be the next contender for the throne. The hellish turn-based twister is now set to come out later this month, complete with a pair of trailers that were released alongside the news. First, we have the Verticality trailer, which shows the unique combat that takes place across three vertical playing fields as you try to defend the train’s pyre from the forces of Heaven…

…And then we have the Strategy trailer, which focuses more on the acts in between. Choosing the clan that you play as, upgrading your units, picking cards, selecting artifacts and buffs, deciding how to handle random events and encounters, planning out the path to take the train on that hopefully leads you to the underworld so you can ignite it again and un-freeze Hell, et cetera.

Monster Train comes out on May 21 for PC, but if you really can’t wait two more weeks to check it out, there’s a free demo now up on Steam that lets you give the game’s Hellhorned and Awoken clans a whirl. Take a look, and then we’ll see later this month if the full version truly is the next big deck-building game.