Mysterious Island Adventure Call of the Sea Unveiled

Throughout Inside Xbox’s look at the first Xbox Series X gameplay today, we saw many titles packed with action in one way or another. But what about those who want a more relatively calm and cerebral experience? Well, Madrid-based developers Out of the Blue and publishers Raw Fury have you covered there with Call of the Sea. Making its world premiere today, Call of the Sea is a puzzle-based first-person adventure game set in the 1930s, where a woman named Norah searches for their husband that went missing during an expedition. You can check out the announcement trailer below, which looks quite lush and gorgeous.

If Norah sounds a bit familiar, that would be because she happens to be voiced by Cissy Jones, known for their acclaimed role in Firewatch. In fact, Firewatch was one of this game’s influences, along with the likes of Soma, Obduction, and others. The game also draws inspiration from the works of Lovecraft, yet is uniquely not a horror game. Instead, the inspiration comes from the otherworldliness, as seen at the end of the trailer. After venturing through the remains of a lost civilization and feeling the island calling to them, we cut us swimming through an underwater area…with sea creature-like hands. Quite mysterious and intriguing, and we can’t wait for more. Call of the Sea will be due out on Series X, XB1, and PC later this year, and will hit Xbox Game Pass on day one.